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Lisa A. Martin, Ph.D.

Lisa Martin, Ph.D. - Empower Assessments


Empower Assessments provides comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and young adults.  My job is to identify a child's unique talents and specific challenges.  I then develop a plan of action for optimizing self confidence and improving performance.  


If children are not doing well at home or at school, or if parents think there is something that is getting in the way of learning, there are many options for intervention.  I am devoted to helping families understand the neuropsychological basis for their children's behavior.  I also recommend specific changes to academic and home environments in order to help children be more productive and successful. In my experience, such changes also lead to a significant reduction in stress levels for the entire family.  


I look forward to working with you and your child.






Lisa A. Martin, Ph.D.


Children are very intelligent. If we ask the right questions and listen carefully, they can often tell us what is going on and what they need to make their lives better.  I pride myself on being able to listen to children, as well as to their parents, while developing a plan of action. 


Childhood should be a time of joy and self-confidence.  If it is not, we can work together to find the appropriate interventions that will help ensure success.

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