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What to Expect

A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation typically includes:


-  a parent interview

-  approximately 6 hours of face-to-face testing scheduled over two sessions

-  an interpretive conference where results are presented  (approximately 1 hour long)

-  a written report

-  sharing of information with other professionals, as requested by the parents



A neuropsychological evaluation includes testing in the following areas:

-  intellectual abilities

-  academic achievement in reading, written language, and math

-  visual-motor skills

-  visual-perceptual and visual-constructive skills

-  learning and memory skills

-  listening comprehension

-  verbal expression

-  screening of social-emotional functioning

(an additional appointment will be required to conduct more lengthy personality assessments)

Financial Policy


Payment is due on the first day that services are rendered.  Checks and credit cards are accepted.


My practice is a private pay clinic, and I am not a party to your contract with your insurance company.  If you file a claim with your insurance company, I will provide you with the appropriate paperwork, including diagnostic codes, procedural codes, and dates of service.  Please check with your insurance company to determine if pre-authorization is required.  If pre-certification requires a 2-3 page questionnaire and/or a detailed letter of medical necessity, an additional fee will be charged.  I do not accept assignment of insurance benefits, and any insurance reimbursement should go directly to you.

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