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Cogmed Working Memory Training


We are pleased to offer Cogmed Working Memory Training (CWMT).  CWMT is a computerized 5-week training program designed to improve working memory – the ability to keep and manipulate information in mind.  Working memory is essential for maintaining attention and staying on task.  CWMT helps individuals improve their attention by training and increasing their working memory capacity.  Rigorous clinical studies have shown that 80% of participants significantly improve their ability to concentrate after training..




Cogmed was founded by neuroscientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden in 2001.  Original research was conducted in Sweden, and ongoing research projects are being carried out by independent teams at leading American and European universities such as Notre Dame, NYU, Harvard, York, and Stanford.

Cogmed training is for people who need to improve their ability to concentrate.  Cogmed users range from young children to senior adults.  The training takes place at home, 30-45 minutes per day, 5 days a week, for 5 weeks, using a home computer.  The trainee is guided by weekly coaching sessions that are conducted over the phone.  Upon completion of the training program, trainees are offered the opportunity for extension training at no additional cost.  Through extension training, trainees are able to continue their training with 100 "mini-sessions" that are available over the next year.






To learn more about how to enroll in a Cogmed program, please contact Lisa Martin, Ph.D., at

(301) 200-9980.  Dr. Lisa Martin will be able to provide additional information and can schedule a screening interview, at no cost, to see if you and/or your child might benefit from the program.  If you decide to participate, a start-up session will be scheduled at the office during which the program will be reviewed and you will receive the appropriate software.


For more information about Cogmed Working Memory Training, please visit the links below:


Empower Assessments


Lisa A. Martin, Ph.D.

11140 Rockville Pike

Suite 400

N. Bethesda, MD 20852

(301) 200-9980 Phone



Cogmed FAQs (adapted from

What makes Working Memory so important?
Working memory is the ability to keep information “on-line” in your mind for brief periods of time. It is central to concentration, problem solving and impulse control.

Working memory is closely correlated to fluid intelligence. It is also fundamental to academic and professional success. Challenges like reading comprehension and math problem solving depend on working memory capacity.


What are the signs of poor Working Memory?

The signs of poor working memory will differ depending on age and the challenges faced.  Indicators include difficulty remembering long instructions; hard time staying focused on schoolwork; problems with mental arithmetic; distracted easily; trouble with being able to follow an orally presented story.


What is Cogmed Working Memory Training?

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based training program for improving attention.  It is a computer-based training normally done at home.  The program is web-based and compatible on any computer that supports flash. 

The training protocol is 25 sessions of 30-45 minutes each, done over a period of 5 weeks.

It is always provided with the support of a Cogmed coach. It includes an initial interview, a start-up meeting, weekly coach calls, and a wrap-up meeting.  Throughout the training period, the user can track his/her progress online using the Cogmed Training Web tool. After the intense five weeks of training, Cogmed Extension Training is enabled which provides an additional 100 sessions over 12 months.


Who should do Cogmed Training?
Cogmed training is for people who need to improve their ability to concentrate.

Cogmed users range from young children to adolescents to adults to senior adults. Some have diagnosed attention deficits, some have suffered a brain injury, others feel the effects of aging. Others find they are not doing as well as they could, academically or professionally, given their intelligence and their efforts.


What are the effects of Cogmed Training?
In controlled research studies, parents and teachers have reported improved attention in children.  In clinical practice, parents have additionally reported improved social skills, taking more initiative, remembering instructions better, and completing assignments independently.  A key objective is better academic performance, particularly in math and reading comprehension.

Adults have reported the effects of being able to stay focused, better planning of activities, and better able to follow and contribute to complex discussions.  One key objective is improved professional performance and attentional stamina.


Do I have to go to someone’s office to do Cogmed?

No. You can do the entire Cogmed training program out of the convenience of your home.  The initial interview, start-up meeting and weekly coach calls can all be done over the phone.


Do the effects last?
Yes, the effects do last.

Our research and our clinical experience show that the effects of Cogmed Training last. The reason is that once working memory capacity increases, you naturally continue to use it at its new level.  This serves as constant maintenance training.  Each Cogmed trainee also has access to optional 12-month long Cogmed Extension Training at no additional cost.  Cogmed Extension Training allows you to check and train your working memory over 100 sessions.


How is Cogmed different from other kinds of “brain training”?
Three key things make Cogmed stand out:

1. Cogmed Training is backed by solid research that no one else can match.

2. Cogmed Training is provided exclusively by a network of carefully trained and qualified professionals. They make sure each Cogmed user gets the coaching needed for the best possible results.

3. An outstanding track record of strong and lasting effects in our thousands of users in America and around the world show that Cogmed training makes a real difference in people’s lives.

In short: research, coaching and results. Obviously, the results are what really matter.


What kind of research is behind Cogmed?

Cogmed’s products have been used and shown effective in numerous research studies. Crucially, many studies have applied the golden standard of clinical research: double-blind placebo-controlled designs.

Some of the studies have been published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals.  The work has been done by Cogmed’s founders and by independent teams at leading American and European universities. 

No other brain training product or attention training method can show this degree of research validation.  Cogmed represents a new level of scientific rigor in brain training and a research breakthrough.


Is Cogmed for people with ADHD?
Cogmed is for everyone held back by poor working memory. Most people with ADHD, particularly inattentive presentation, have poor working memory.

The first research from Cogmed was on children with ADHD, and many of our users have ADHD.   However, many of our users do not have serious attention deficits. We now have research showing good results in adults without any impairments.

Is Cogmed training a substitute for medication for ADHD?
No, it is not. In the case of users on ADHD medication, Cogmed training is a complementary intervention.

Stimulant medication and Cogmed training impact the brain in different ways. Medications will have effects Cogmed training does not, particularly regarding hyperactivity.

Cogmed training will also, in many cases, have effects that cannot be achieved by medication only. Talk to you doctor or a Cogmed practice to learn more about the situation in your particular case.


Can I buy Cogmed training without a coach?
No, there is always a Cogmed coach involved in a training.

The reason is that with the coach working closely with the user, the Cogmed practice and Cogmed can be sure the training will be done effectively. We want the best possible results for our users.


How do I know this will help me or my child?
In our research and in the practical experience of the Cogmed practices, 80% of the users see measurable improvements.

That does not mean you can be sure to get results. No intervention works for everyone. 80% is a number we are proud of, but we cannot have guarantees in any particular case.


Is Cogmed training covered by insurance?

Cogmed training is not typically covered by insurance.  




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